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Our custom carbon and graphite machining capabilities are engineered from the ground up with our client's budget, goals, and expectations in mind. No matter the tolerance, no matter the finish, no matter how specific your need, our years of experience coupled with the most advanced machining resources will keep your organization humming with minimal delay. We aren’t just experts in carbon and graphite machining—we’re also experts in client consultation and collaboration. We’re in the business of creating solutions, no matter how unique the problem.

Carbon & Graphite Material Recycling

We’ll purchase your obsolete carbon and graphite materials for reclamation or proper disposal. Less waste in the landfill, more green in your pocket — just the kind of win-win solution we’re in the business of creating.

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Custom Carbon & Graphite Machining

14 Jan
Measuring On-Time Delivery and Scrap Rates

Measuring On-Time Delivery and Scrap Rates

Good businesses will find ways to synergize efficiency and incentives, creating feedback between the two that benefits customers, employees, and the bottom line. At Semco, we have developed a measuring and incentives system to improve our delivery times and to reduce our scrap rates. Semco knows graphite applications, which means we know how important is it that your graphite products be precisely machined according to your specifications the first time. We also know how important speedy delivery is to our customers—when you need a graphite component to keep up production, you need it fast. We started our measuring program to ensure that our scrap rates are low and our delivery times are fast. By minimizing mistakes in the manufacturing process, we can get your component to you faster while saving poorly machined graphite from the scrap heap. Our employees are incentivized to bring their many skills to bear on every project so that any possible hitch in the ordering, manufacturing, and delivery processes are tackled and solved. Ultimately, when Semco saves time and money, so do our customers.  

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07 Jan
Fine Tuning Our Stocking Program

Fine Tuning Our Stocking Program

Semco values all our customers, and we strive to ensure that first-time clients become long-term clients. We offer excellent benefits to companies and individual that stick with us for their graphite engineering and machining needs, and we’re always working to offer more. Hence, our efforts at fine tuning our stocking program. If your need for graphite materials or components is relatively predictable, our personalized stocking program can deliver products consistently to you at a fixed price. This is good for your budgeting, and good for your workflow. And if you like how our stocking program helps your business, then it’s good for us too.  

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