Semco Carbon's Strategy

Connect with Semco Carbon

We want you to connect with our team at Semco Carbon! There are many methods to contact Semco Carbon depending upon the nature of your need for information or complexity of your project. 

Effective Client Collaboration

Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions to our clients, and to reach that goal Semco Carbon works closely with our clients.  Semco Carbon understands that to achieve a successful solution, our client must be a member of the team.

Meet the Semco Carbon Team

We have assembled a great staff of competent professionals to create the Semco Carbon team.  We have achieved our success with the dedication and hard work of our team members.  Our typical employee has 15+ years of experience in their position and has undergone rigorous core competency evaluations and participates in ongoing training. 

What Makes Semco Carbon Different

We are smart!  We know graphite, carbon and CNC machining, so the Semco Carbon team will get you moving towards your solution. 


About Semco Carbon

Experience. Knowledge. Service.

With a tradition based upon well-founded product knowledge and superior customer support, Semco Carbon began its custom graphite machining services in 1971, and the company hasn't stopped growing since. As a customer oriented company, Semco Carbon has always excelled at providing our customers with reliable service and the shortest delivery periods possible. In addition, we also assist our customers in the selection of appropriate graphite materials for their unique applications.

Semco Carbon provides custom graphite machining services to produce components per customer specifications and drawings. We work with graphite and carbon composites exclusively and as a specialized graphite shop, large production quantities are not a requirement when placing an order. Semco Carbon handles small run jobs such as prototype work or repair work with no minimum order required and no minimum charge.

Additionally, we have the ability to manufacture and maintain a "just-in-time" inventory of products for customers with limited warehousing space. All products are shipped from our 45,000 square foot facility in Lorain, Ohio which is conveniently located 25 miles west of Cleveland, providing easy access from both interstate 90 and the Ohio Turnpike.