Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Knowledge is Power.

To harness that power, we have invested in software, hardware and training to capture data on every aspect of our business.

We know that exceptional document control and real time data are mission critical to providing the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.  Semco Carbon has implemented and successfully utilizes a company wide ERP system to handle every aspect of our business. 

All client parts are entered into our company database with their specific requirements, BOM, drafted prints and revisions, job notes and unique barcoded part ID number.  The CNC (computer numerical control) programs required and solid models to manufacture the items are also attached with part pictures in the database. Client orders are then tracked through the manufacturing process using time tracking software and barcode scanners.  Each employee that touches a client's product records their work-center, machining process and progress as the work flows through the facility floor, providing management instant feedback and data on all jobs from anywhere in the world.

If a customer obsoletes an item or issues a revised drawing it is easily updated in the system. This provides clear documentation with an audit trail and is instantly available for the entire organization to view.  Once a customer's components are in the ERP system, ordering is worry free and effortless